Brenda van Rensburg

CanDo-It is owned by Six Sigman Phoenix.  We believe that online experiences should be enjoyable for both business and customers.   Therefore, by educating people and businesses with skills to make online enjoyable and successful means that more businesses and people can help themselves to a better future.  We see this as empowering people with IT skills so that they know that they Can Do IT!

Our Story


It started with watching an elderly woman trying to pay bills in a Post Office.  She was directed to a computer and was told to pay her bills there.

This lady stood staring at the computer - alone and afraid.  Not one of the staff members offered to help and after a while, she left without paying one bill.

The world of technology has evolved with many people left behind trying to figure out how to do things by themselves.

OUR MISSION:  To Build Confidence with Technology so that it can be seen as an enabler not a disability.